Won’t Back Down

Wow-it is a must see movie!  Won’t Back Down effectively paints the struggle between the traditional school system and charter/choice ideologies.  I would alter your schedule and see this movie as soon as possible.  Whether you have children in the American preK-12 school system (or not) you should join the dialogue.  Here are a few good questions to ask your neighbors:
1.  Can the traditional school systems (especially in large urban areas) do what it takes to move the achievement of students to the levels needed for America to preserve its economic positions in the world?
2.  Are teacher unions really as bad as portrayed by this and other movies, e.g. Waiting for Superman?
3.  Why aren’t more parents in an uproar about persistently under-performing schools?
4.  In cases where students who have needs to improve their cognitive capacity (especially students from poverty households or who endure learning disabilities), why aren’t appropriate protocols and practices provided?
With respect to #4 above, you’ve likely seen my previous blog posts on Scientific Learning’s work in helping develop students’ Memory, Attention, Processing, and Sequencing capacity with astonishing results. Why are we denying these resources for our school children?
Go see the movie, you will be very glad you did! But, you might get angry, regardless of the side you argue (for or against) in what remedies we need.
It also made me exceedingly proud of the work of our Distinctive Schools teams at CICS Prairie, CICS Bucktown, CICS West Belden, and CICS Patriots.

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