Duval County Schools and Charter Schools-the Debate may heat up.

Interesting to note the recent action by the Duval County School Board.  Link to an article worth noting is: http://jacksonville.com/news/metro/2012-10-06/story/record-number-charters-applicants-duval-school-board-takes-stand

Per my recent blog post-go see Won’t back Down, the movie.  Aside from wonderfully performing schools in Jacksonville, there are several that could have been the setting for this movie.  Locked in entrenched bureaucracy and toxic governance, some of these schools don’t have a shot at decent performance.

Certainly traditional school boards are worried about the money flow to their traditional district’s books.  That should not stop families from having meaningful choices, and having only the choices offered in this district’s traditional setting is not meaningful.

For those balking at charter school performance, the laws and regulations in Florida, like in most states, provide for expeditious closing and sanctions for charter schools performing under-par.  Charter schools can be closed or sanctioned much more quickly than traditional schools in most all school districts.

Since moving to the charter space, I find it much easier to do great work for kids and teachers.  Jacksonville, it is time to wake up and “take a stand”.  The Duval County School Board seems to be.  Gives one reason for alarm!

For more about the charter schools I have the privilege of serving check out http://www.distinctiveschools.org .  And while you are at it, check out the incredible performance of our kids and teachers in these high poverty, high English language learner background schools.

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