Duval’s Ed Pratt Dannals-solid performance

Link to an article on the performance of Ed Pratt Dannals’ performance as outgoing Duval School Superintendent:  http://jacksonville.com/opinion/editorials/2012-10-03/story/ed-pratt-dannals-led-impressive-achievements-duval-county-public

When I served as Superintendent and was about to out the depths of dysfunction of the Duval County School Board, due to members being intimidated by one member engaged in corruption, I knew that my own survival in the job would be in jeopardy.  I told then Deputy Superintendent Ed Pratt Dannals, the following:

1.  Keep you head down and let me take on the politically sensitive issues for the coming weeks

2.  Start looking real superintendent-like

3.  If I depart, keep 80% of the work going that we architected together.  Leave the less-important initiatives behind, since some will need to become political fodder associated with a departing superintendent.

Ed has done a good job of keeping the work going.  Ed has led improvements to the work we started, especially the increases in college-preparation, drop-out prevention efforts.  He didn’t keep exactly the 80% going I would have, but generally he made good judgments and Jacksonville should appreciate him for his hard work and solid leadership.  Remember this is the school district, where one member of the community, when we were raising the high school graduation requirement said to me, “Joey, why make these requirement so hard?  At the end of the day, somebody’s got to pick up my trash.” Astonishing!

Great job Ed.  Life after the Superintendency can be a good one, a productive one, and there is still a lot of work for us all to do for kids and teachers.


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