All About the Money

The scrutiny by which we are holding colleges and universities is astonishing!  Astonishing in that there is no scrutiny or transparency for consumers. You’ve likely heard talk about college and university teacher training programs. Most of it is talk.  More needs to be done.
Well, now that we are beginning to move the needle with respect to numbers of high school graduates fully ready for college, lets look at what they get for attending college.  Wide variations in the entry salary of certain positions exist from college program to college program.  Dan Berrett reported the following in Chronicle for Higher Education:
Health and Business Professions–differences in Tennessee Colleges & Universities
Dyersburg State Community College
    Health professions $52,042
    Business professions $29,591
Univ. Tennessee/Knoxville
    Health professions $46,770
    Business professions  $39,893
Univ. of Memphis
    Health professions  $59,570
    Business positions  $40,689
Univ. Tennessee/Martin
    Health Professions  $58,592
    Business Professions  $33,964
Those tasked with college preparation, college admission, and general course guidance for students, these types of potential earnings data are an important part of the work. This is especially true when we move the work of college and career readiness along at a better pace.


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