Alarming Stats about our Nation and Schools

As we are nearing the half way mark of the first semester, here are some alarming performance indicators about our Nation and schools:

•       In 4th grade, American students scored above the international average in Mathematics.

•       By 8th grade, they dropped below the international average, and by 12th grade, our kids only outscored South Africa and Cyprus.

•       By age 4, there is an 18-month academic gap between an impoverished child and his wealthier peers.

•       In 2011, only 1 of 4 graduating seniors were prepared for college coursework.

•       75% of high school seniors were unfamiliar with basic facts about American government.

•       30% of all public high school students in the U.S. don’t graduate, and 32% of the 70% that do graduate aren’t college-ready.

•       A U.S. high school student drops out every 26 seconds.

•       Spending per student has tripled since 1970 and doubled since 1980 but achievement levels have stayed the same.

Have a great and productive school year.  We have lots of work to do.

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