School Principals’ Newsletters-Among the Best I’ve Seen

School principals using weekly newsletters to reduce time spent in faculty meetings, attending to administrative minutia, is hardly a new technique.  For decades, principals have been sending weekly newsletter.
Amanda Rychel, Director of the CICS Patriots campus in Rockford, IL provides her faculty about the best I’ve seen in the work.  Every week, she helps keep intense focus on teaching and learning, but also makes it easy for her team to stay abreast of all the operational inner-workings, and culture-rich accolades and guidance necessary to operate an effective school.  Below is an example of Amanda’s format (cut and pasted) into this blog post for your perusal.  For more about Amanda’s leadership and good work of her team visit and select CICS Patriots campus pages.  Have a great week.
Another successful week. I can see so much patience and flexibility being demonstrated by all as we work together in start-up mode this quarter. Everyone on staff is doing an amazing job working together and laying the groundwork to become the best school in Rockford. Every week is better and better- it is so exciting to experience and create a Distinctive school we can call our own. Thanks for the grit this week.

Quote of the week:  “If you treat an individual as he is, he will remain how he is. But if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be.”

Article of the Week:  “Building a Positive, Trusting Classroom Environment”
Mark Your Calendars:
  • 9/24-9/28 NWEA Testing and Make-ups continue
  • 9/25- Parent Teacher League Meeting (5:30 in Evans Room)
  • 9/26 11:30am Dismissal- Lunch will be provided
  • 9/27- Progress Reports sent home
  • 9/28 Birthday Breakfast 7:30am Teachers Lounge
  • 9/28 RETURN of the Friday Assembly!! (9:40am) Hopefully everyone has been practicing their best Dougie in their spare time.
  • 10/15 Receipts for $100 due to Rychel
DS on Campus this week:  Tuesday- April Shaw- Director of Personalized Learning, Scott Frauenheim- Director of Student Services, Beth Colodny- Director of Community and Family Partnerships, Alexa Hunt- Information Systems Wednesday Keith Palz Director of Science Education Thursday- Terrance Green- Director of Technology
Wedneday PD:  Google Tech and Using your Interactive White Board with Keith Palz

Other Announcements:

  • 11:30 Dismissal on Wednesday- The schedule will be normal except lunch but the day will end at 11:30 so just do what you normally do and get ready to dismiss at 11:15. Peggy is making sack lunches for all students to ensure they have lunch. Lunches will be delivered to your classroom by 10:00am and you should build lunch in the classroom into your schedule. The Learn it afterschool program will begin at 11:30. I am not sure about Gateway Afterschool and will let you know as soon as possible.
  • 11:45-12:30 will be Staff Lunch hour- CICS is providing lunch in appreciation of all of your hard work. It will be set up in the teacher’s lounge- feel free to eat where ever you would like- Please be in Evan’s room by 12:30 for PD
  • Progress Reports need to be entered into powerschool (3-6) or emailed to Rychel (K-2) by Wednesday at 4:00pm
  • Alexa will be available for anything you need related to Powerschool on Tuesday- she will be located up front


  • Angelique Watson and Rebecca Fahrney- for being the glue that keeps us all together- you guys are unbelievable!
  • Scott Frauenheim for being a much better me on Friday during the “case of the pears” situation
  • Nicole Spalding- Best Wishes on an amazing wedding weekend coming up!
As always- reach out to me for anything you need 😉 

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