Greetings from the Los Angeles Brain Event

I am attending the Scientific Learning BRAIN EVENT today in Los Angeles.  Doing this, I am reminded of the enormous academic lift we can help students make through effective focus on their brain development with protocols such as Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant.  Effective use of neuroscience-based interventions work very well alongside the regular work we are doing in teaching and learning

Scientific Learning focuses on developing specific areas of the brain to better navigate use of symbols (think letters and numbers) making computations (think Mathematics operations) expanding memory (think historical facts and multiplication tables), etc.  The list goes on and on.

Each time I listen to these professionals, I learn more and more about the work we are doing (and other work we should be doing) for our students.

Something new for me today:  Sleep is the Dump Cycle for the Brain.  During sleep, the brain decides what to dump and what to keep.  As we think about our own sleep habits and the sleep habits of our children, we rarely think about anything but simply resting.

Dr. Annette V. Alpern, Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Services Redondo Beach Unified School District provided a valuable presentation on:  An Investment in Innovation and Student Lives

Impressive work going on to reduce SpEd referrals, increase ELL supports, and accelerating achievement among under-performing students under Dr. Alpern’s and her new superintendent’s leadership in Redondo.

There are two Brain Events coming up that may still have some seats available.  These are free to attend but require RSVP.

For the Chicago area Brain Event on November 8, 2012, click here:

For the Columbus, Ohio area Brain Event on October 31, 2012, click here:


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