Atlantic Research’s First Annual Superintendents’ Summit

Atlantic Research’s First Annual Superintendents’ Summit (FASS) was held just last week.  It was a chance for some of our Firm’s team members to sit and learn with some of our clients and other colleagues to help further the work. Thank you to those who contributed mightily:

Frank Alvarez
Bart Anderson
Rosa Atkins
Barbara Byrd – Bennett
Ann Clark
Stephen Flisk
Todd Hellman
Susan Kajiwara – Ansai
Harold McClain
Natalie O’Hara
Harrison Peters
Frank Till
Among the things we learned or further reinforced include the following:
1.  The whole notion of school and district transformation requires careful management on the parts of district leaders and their outside partners and providers, otherwise we will all be wasting a pile of Federal, State, and Local tax dollars.
2.  Outside partners and providers should be more intentional about how they enter the work, how they do not take ownership from school and district leaders, and how to step down and step out of the work to maximize sustainability.
3.  School district leaders should scrutinize every possible outside partner and provider it considers to ensure a good cultural fit with the context of the district and the work.
4.  Not all Foundation, Federal, State, or grant funding is a good idea to take (even when offered).  Money should fit the strategy, not the other way around.
Thank you again to Dr. Joseph Scherer, Executive Director of the Superintendents’ National Dialogue, for facilitating the event, and thank you to our partners and my able team members for pulling off this important work.

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