Superintendent Joe Joyner-a real Servant Leader

In my hometown of St. Augustine, FL where the St. Johns County school district is led by Dr. Joe Joyner, the academic results keep getting better and better.  This district continues to top the State of Florida.

Link to a new story on Dr. Joyner’s work is at:

I have known Joe for more than 30 years, since he served as an assistant principal in Orlando.  From the academic results this increasingly diverse school district has amassed, you might think, “Wow, what a strong instructional leader.”  Joe is no stranger to good teaching.  But, those who know him well, know that he is a self-professed servant leader.  We know much about the merits of servant leadership from the research on effective business and leadership behavior.  Few leaders I have known, especially for this long, are true servant leaders.

My main lens into the work of Dr. Joyner and his team are through a friendship I have with one of the most poverty stricken families in our community.  This family of one-mom and one-son are almost part of our family, and they reside a couple miles away.  This mom feels good about how well her son’s school takes care of him.  She does believe the academic rigor could be ratcheted-up as was her own schooling experience in her native Jamaica, but all-in-all she is pleased with her son’s educators.

Keep up the great work Supt. Joyner.  I am happy to call your school district home.


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