The New Science of Learning

Greetings from Columbus, OH.  Waiting for my speaking segment in this Brain Seminar, hosted by Scientific Learning.  I remain in awe of these neuroscientists and grateful for how much they can help us with our work with students.

During Dr. Martha Burns’ lecture, several points were attention-grabbing for our group here today.  Among the most important points are the following for me:

1.  Good teaching stimulates the brain through heightened chemical activity, which builds brain capacity.

2.  A computer-based neuroscience intervention increases these chemical secretions, beyond what good teaching alone, and this further accelerates the work and effects of a good teacher.

3.  We can move the performance of Reading and Math and other subjects with good teaching alone.  We can greatly accelerate this performance by running kids on Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant as part of a student’s education.

Waiting for Sherrelle Walker, the chief education officer at SciLearn to speak now.  Sherrelle will take us through connecting these neuroscience interventions with improved delivery of curriculum and instruction.

See Dr. Burns working with us below:

Brain Seminar

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