Bold School Board / Superintendent Team in Santa Fe

Earlier this week, the Superintendent’s transition advisory team reported-out to Superintendent Joel Boyd and his school board.  As I have posted before, this is a splendidly bold and candid governance team with the best interests of students and their educators at-heart.

The team members, primarily from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, and faculty members from Atlantic Research Partners, have been assisting with Superintendent Boyd’s first 100 days, mining the district to document organizational strengths and areas of opportunity for improvements.  In a time when so many school districts maintain complaining as their primary reaction to these tough times, I find it refreshing to see the Santa Fe governance team and staff moving their work forward.  Some primary components of this district’s key work include the following:

  • a tiered system of accountability and supports for schools
  • a school board working on its governance protocols
  • shaping and strengthening options for high schoolers
  • deepening connections to their business, civic, and philanthropy communities
  • strengthening their work with unions to solve the obstacles to acceleration of student  achievement and cost effectiveness

There is more.

Stay tuned to Santa Fe Public Schools.  This district is on the move!


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