Flipping the Math Classroom-Lessons from Byron, MN

 In Byron, MN school district, teachers and leaders tackled a shift away from Math textbooks, wrote their own Math curriculum, and employed Flipped Math Classrooms, all in one swoop.  Largely driven by intense budgetary issues, Byron has found great success in their shifts.
Flipping as you may know was borne out of shifts in corporate and higher-ed training.  Simply put, it “flips” much of the whole group instruction and lectures to technology-driven venues for students to cover at home or outside of the school day.  This allows the teacher to do more hands-on, hands-in work with students during regular class time.
As reported by Kathleen Fulton in Kappan, Byron, MN has 10 top reasons for making this “flip”:
1.  Students can better move at their own, individual, pace.
2.  Doing “homework” in class gives teachers better insight into student difficulties and learning styles.
3.  Teachers can customize and update curriculum, and provide to students 24/7.
4.  Students have access to multiple teachers’ expertise.
5.  Teachers flip professional development by watching each others’ videos and learning from each other.
6.  Classroom time can be used more efficiently and creatively.
7.  Parents have a better window into the coursework.
8.  Student achievement is increasing, so is interest and engagement in higher-level Math.
9.  Learning theory supports the new approaches.
10.  the use of technology is flexible and appropriate for 21st-century learning.
Good luck Byron.  We are watching!

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