For New School Superintendents or any New CEO

Booz and Company (formerly Booz Allen) has completed compelling research on new chief executive officers, and as part of their research documented some terrific themes for those new in the post (whether recruited from the outside or inside).  I find this particularly instructive for new school superintendents.
1.  Deal with the obvious executive changes early-especially changes in executive leadership.
2.  Be wary of changing strategy too quickly, even if you think the current strategy is wrong.
3.  Make sure you understand how every part of the organization operates, and how it is performing.
4.  Build trust through transparency.
5.  Be selective in listening to advice. (Everyone has an agenda.)
6.  Yes, it is lonely (at the top) so find a sparring partner.
7.  Manage your time and your life with care.  (Every moment is important and CEOs get little or no rest from the intensity.)
For more on this topic from Booz, link to: and search on CEO succession

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