Get Behind this Guy-Nikolai Vitti

Those who follow the Duval County Schools, and its continuing saga of school board meddling and dysfunctional culture, mostly centered around lack of inclusion, equity, and tolerance for differences, note the OpEd on new school superintendent Nikolai Vitti.  It is encouraging!  Link is:

This is Jacksonville’s last best chance at creating a winning school district where all kids have a real shot at college and career readiness.  From my knowledge of NV, his training, and his experiences, I know that this is a leader to get behind.  This will take the new school board staying on the other side of the governance-management line, the fundamentalists tamping down their rhetoric that impairs inclusion and respect for the various differences and disadvantage that many families come from, and the wonderful business and civic communities continuing their tremendous support, then Jacksonville can create a winning school system for its kids and city.  Vitti will well-cover the management side of this work.

Good luck!


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