Confidence in our Public Schools

 Gallup reported that perceptions about our Public Schools has fallen from 58% in 1973 (indicating that they had  a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in public K-12 schools) down to 29% (all-time low).  I wonder if this list contains some of the items we must do, to turn these perceptions around:
1.  Provide more meaningful choices to students and families about where children attend school.  Free-market dynamics inside a school district can only help performance and perceptions.
2.  More quickly close persistently poor performing schools–traditional and charters.  If they aren’t working for kids, drastic measures should be taken.
3.  Level the fiscal and operating playing field between/among charters and traditionally operated schools.  Disparities in funding and the rules feeds ideology, but does nothing to help students, educators, or schools.
4.  Ratchet up the rigor and the value-proposition for each child in school, through re-tooled lessons and activities.
5.  Spend taxpayer funds more wisely.  Placating union demands and bloating the bureaucracies works against good fiscal management in most school districts.

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