College Professors-Getting Fired?

In a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education a piece was provided by Dylan Pomerantz to help college professors (Adjuncts) avoid getting fired.  Advice was offered such as refraining from asking superior faculty for a letter of recommendation, refraining from irritating students, making sure to not ignore and assuming that democracy rules over power of a faculty chair.  
Interesting that student achievement, student success, and student growth (especially at the undergraduate level) was never mentioned. I suppose I am not arguing that anything around student performance matters to “the establishment” when contemplating job security for (adjunct) college professors.
What I do take issue with is the wholesale lack of student performance, and student academic growth along the way as being important for college TEACHERS. Appalling! 
Article is in Winter/Spring 2013 careers section of Chronicle for Higher Education.

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