Gay and Coming Out in High School

There is a YouTube video of a young man “coming out” to his entire class and identifying as being Gay. He is impressive.  Link is below:

It is high time we encourage this sort of self-identity and move on.  Just study attitudes and dexterity with which most current teenagers, 20-somethings, and 30-somethings handle the news of one another identifying as Gay, Straight, Bisexual, Gender-questioning. Often younger folks navigate these deeply personal nuances of one another much better than most of us already at older ages.  Often they learn the news, adjust, and move one with no further reverberation.

Once we all develop attitudes and dexterity of so many of our students and younger education colleagues, we can move on to motivate and develop more students (especially in our high schools) to accelerated achievement toward admission into promising colleges and careers.  Otherwise we remain mired in the constant debates over things “right” and “wrong” which does nothing more than distract what we are in schools to do-teach and learn.

Have a great week.


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