Homework and Homework Debates

The New Yorker recently published a little piece on Homework assigned to students (Louis Menand, December 17, 2012).  Seems the President of France has the power to abolish Homework for school children.  Apparently, President Hollande recently announced that he would do so for all primary and middle grades children. Imagine the delight of some.
I have posted other material on Homework, and the deeply debated merits of same in the professional literature.
Here is what you need to know and what makes most sense to me:
1.  Every successful school practitioner has a school of thought on assigning Homework.
2.  Every successful school has a well-informed policy on practices of assigning Homework.
3.  Those referenced in #s 1 and 2 above are inclusive, strategic, and reasonable in their Homework protocols.
Some cautions:
A.  Socio-economic status of the child’s family is still the great variable and predictor of a child’s success in school.
B.  Homework policies can exacerbate the problems with A above.
C.  Homework can be used more effectively today in the classroom Flipping strategy, where the whole group and lectures segments of a lesson are completed by students at home, but ONLY when technology is available to students at home.
D.  Homework overload can be detrimental to many success factors in a child’s schooling
Final Food for Thought:
In Finland, leading the world in education performance these days, educators assign no Homework to its students.

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