Good Mentors don’t Trample on Big Dreams

Venture Capitalist Tony Tjan seems to take mentoring seriously, and with serious thought when he provides or receives mentoring to others.  In a NY TImes article, he shared with Adam Bryant, some lessons he learned from Mats Lederhausen about mentoring as a starting point with a new “mentee”.  I imagine that these questions are also useful later as the mentoring relationship develops.
1.  What is it that you really want to be and do?
2.  What are you doing really well that is helping you get there?
3.  What are you not doing well that is preventing you from getting there?
4.  What will you do differently tomorrow to meet these challenges?
5.  How can I help, and where do you need the most help?
Tony Tjan also praised one of his own mentors (Jay Chiat) for incredible capacity for optimism during mentorship, and that when leaders are mentoring they must embrace and encourage dreams being shared.  While human nature might be to be a critic and a skeptic, and automatically imposing your own mental framework and your own lessons.  Seems like all leaders must exercise any formal and informal mentoring with great skill and care.

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