ERDI and the Commercialization of Education Products

The Winter 2013 Education Research and Development Institute (ERDI) is coming up later this month in Tucson, AZ. Since its inception by founder Mike Kneale, and through its evolution led by current CEO Paul Dulle, ERDI has served as a proving ground of sorts for education products and services. From time to time some media outlets have accused ERDI of being arena where school superintendents are paid to schmooze with vendors in exchange for buying products.

As a retired ERDI school superintendent and now as a corporate member of the ERDI network, I find this organization to add terrific value to the education profession, students, and educators. The vetting of products and services improve these resources, and help us move past ferocious commercialization of some products, that simply look and seem good, but have little value to add when they hit schools and classrooms.

I applaud Paul Dulle and his team, and encourage vendors and suppliers of education products and services to run the rigors of ERDI. Good for companies and good for education.

2 Comments on “ERDI and the Commercialization of Education Products

    • Sorry for my delayed response. I am not certain of the professional arrangements of ERDI. I am certain of the rigors of the activities. My sense is that this a highly valuable quality-cultivator for our kids and schools.

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