Academic Growth at Allendale County Schools

Congratulations to all students, teachers and team members of the of the Allendale Renaissance Project in South Carolina’s Allendale County Schools!  During the first four months of our working together (September through December 2012), the efforts of the Atlantic Research Partners’ team—in full partnership with Allendale faculty & administrators– have had a remarkable effect on the students of Allendale.  In a nutshell, statistically-significant academic gains were achieved during this brief period at the elementary level in both Math and Reading (Fairfax Elementary, Grades 1-5), at the 7th grade level in Reading at Allendale-Fairfax Middle School, and in meeting or exceeding Reading targets at the high school level (Allendale-Fairfax High School).

This academic growth over such a brief and limited period is attributable to multiple factors, including District-wide, job-embedded professional development, hands-on support of teachers in building teaching effectiveness strategies, collaborative planning (intensely focused on student data and specificity in identifying student needs), and working within each building to strengthen student engagement.

It is a terrific start, and a source of delight among all of us on the Allendale Renaissance Project team!

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