The Arts in School-a Swinging Pendulum

Interesting link on benefits of the Arts being integrated into the school day for preK-12 students. Check out:

Trouble is this remains, for decades a swinging pendulum. We add Arts programs and we cut programs. Budgets dictate almost everything in PreK-12 education. Politics weighs heavily. Adult-interests skew far too much. Arts are often the first to go and the last to be added back.

If we played to the research and maintain disciplined, skills-based Arts classes into every child’s education we get great gains in core academic areas. We also give students the value and joy of adding the Arts to their lifelong contribution to society.

Again the link is:


One Comment on “The Arts in School-a Swinging Pendulum

  1. This article serves as a reminder to all policymakers that the arts provide students with opportunities for intellectual engagement that can and do impact an individual’s growth in those areas we now refer to as “common core”. There are many other ways in which a student can grow from participation in the arts. Some of those benefits may not be easy to assess; perhaps even ephemeral. Although I’m thrilled that my discipline (music) is cited as being helpful to the common core, I honestly long for a day when folks value music as a discipline that can help our nation to develop engaged, well-adjusted, sympathetic individuals whose raison d’etre may have something to do with making the world a better place. Remember too, for some children, the arts provide them with a reason for engaging in other forms of learning: reading, science, and history, for example. Kids who fall into this category are not born to be accountants, computer programmers, engineers, or lawyers. They are born to be artists who will help all of us to draw conclusions and form opinions about our world that seems to become increasingly virtual and impersonal. You will need a rich pool of artists some day. They will be the ones left standing that know how to feel. We used to value the affective domain. Do we still?

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