Welcome our new President!

Amy Mims has been promoted to President of Atlantic Research Partners. In the months since Amy joined, she has had tremendous positive influence on our internal culture and on our client experience. She has bolstered our “brand-promise” in exceptional ways. Our entire ARP team now will be reporting to Amy (respectively through Mark, Donald, and Susmita, depending on each individual’s existing areas of practice).

Mark Sundstrom has also been an amazing influence on the growth and maturity of Atlantic Research Partners and its brand in the preK-12 market. Mark has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer and will report directly to Amy. Mark will continue to lead the Business Office Team, the Partner Support Team (steered by Stacy, Donald, and Lila) and manage all of the financial and business functions for our team.

David Sundstrom will continue as Chairman of the ARP governing board, and continue as General Counsel for the team.

I will continue as Chief Education Officer, and serve on the ARP governing board.

Please join David and me in thanking Amy and Mark for their hard work to-date, and congratulating them on these new roles.

One Comment on “Welcome our new President!

  1. Congratulations Amy and the ARP team. Sounds like you are really experiencing tremendous growth!

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