New Special Education Spending Mandates

As they say, “money talks.” According to a recent Education Week blog, the federal government has made the special education heads in states take notice. The government has introduced changes that will hopefully make sure states stay in compliance or get back into compliance quickly. If states want to continue to receive federal funding for special education, they cannot cut their education budgets below what was spent the previous year in special education. If a state is out of compliance and loses funding, it isn’t forever. Once they return to compliance their funds are restored. Congress made sure that the “lost” money stayed in special education by splitting it amongst the sates in compliance as a bonus. The states know that this is only a temporary “bonus” and is not guaranteed every year. Many in education feel this is a reasonable compromise that everyone can live with. Let’s hope that the special education students, as well as, all students don’t get caught up in bureaucracy.

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