Education Leaders-TALK and LISTEN

Great life story on retired Georgia-Pacific CEO, Pete Correll in Atlanta’s newspaper today. Link is:

Pete Correll’s previous experiences include, apparently, working closely with then-ARK Governor Bill Clinton. He says he learned from Gov. Clinton that if leaders talk and listen to people, they can change their behavior. Sounds a little bold, eh?!

Bold or not, I’m witnessing an astounding decline in leaders actually taking time to talk and listen to (their) people. As education leaders (yes, you too teachers) we certainly cannot change behaviors, attitudes, levels of commitment, or even help solve organizational problems unless we talk and listen WITH (our) people.

Talking and listening take time-time we often think we don’t have
Talking and listening can change lives-especially for kids
Talking and listening can stop rumors with facts
Talking and listening can help refocus
Talking and listening can ________
Talking and listening can ________

Your get the idea. Are you guilty of bypassing time and events where talking and listening are required? I certainly am. We can fix this.



2 Comments on “Education Leaders-TALK and LISTEN

  1. Very true! Too easy to get caught up in the tasks of leadership and forget that people matter most in organizations.

    • Thanks for the comment Steve. Well said! Hope all is well. Hope we all do a lot more talking and listening this school year. I hope to see you soon. Joey

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