Chief Academic Leader Forum – Orlando

On September 6th, a group of high level educators from throughout Florida came together to attend the Chief Academic Leader Forum (CALF) in Orlando. They came with the intent to discuss and share ideas surrounding the academic curriculum within their differing school districts.
Sponsored by Atlantic Research Partners and Scientific Learning, the featured Keynote Speaker was Dr. Tim Rasinski, professor of literacy education at Kent State University. Dr. Rasinski’s topic was, “Why Fluency Should be Hot”. His lecture challenged the audience to regard the critical bridge in reading: word recognition combining with the two key components for fluency (automaticity and prosody), both working together to drive deeper and more fluid comprehension.
Everyone at CALF experienced the power of professional synergy through this Forum. An undistracted day of reflection and conversation allowed them to connect through the complexities of their professions inside the unique context of their districts. The final realization was that they were far more alike than they were different in terms of The Work– all driven in the exploration of the best ways to help kids learn.
Kudos to the Chief Academic Leader Forum, to the CALF attendees and to Dr. Rasinski.

Joseph Wise

One Comment on “Chief Academic Leader Forum – Orlando

  1. Joey

    Well done and very important dialogue. Have great data coming out of Boone County showing RA has big impact on ACT results.

    Bob Bowen

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