Are We Making Progress with Teacher Evaluation?

Important and somewhat hopeful piece in the NY Times today on where we stand with new practices in classroom teacher observation, coaching, and evaluation.  Link is:

Colleagues in our Atlantic Research and Atlantic Education Firms spend a great deal of their professional time supporting and helping build the capacity of instructional leaders.  We also see good progress.  Instructional coaching and instructional leadership are two of the biggest levers in accelerating the work of teachers and students.  Our work in Chicago Public Schools affirms these University of Chicago findings.  There’s a lot of progress yet to be made, for sure.  As a profession, we are making good strides it seems.

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3 Comments on “Are We Making Progress with Teacher Evaluation?

  1. The key to improving the process is to focus on “developing” teachers and not simply “measuring” teachers against arbitrary meter sticks!

    • Agreed. Good measures are important too I believe. I suppose where we would both become adamant is around the importance that teachers get good quality coaching to help build their craft. Thx for your comment. JW

    • Certainly what you stated is something I believe true and important. That said, we should also have credible measures of academic progress, e.g. NWEA MAP, as one metric of a teacher’s effectiveness. Credible measures not only help us make mid-course corrections to a student’s academic program, they also provide important accountability and coaching components for teachers in core subject areas. JW

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