On the Path Towards Building Awareness

Possibly the most costly and detrimental decision a student can make is to drop out of school.  The evidence is simply overwhelming of the value of a career and college ready diploma.   So much so, that we’re dedicating this blog to help students and school districts make informed decisions about developing career and college pathways for students and profiling the most promising means to earn a high school diploma for the over 1.8 million school age dropouts in the United States.

The statistics for dropouts are bleak.   If a student realized that the decision to leave school without a diploma will statistically result in:

–       A reduction of  lifetime earnings by ½ million dollars ($10,386 annually0;

–       reduce their chances of ever owning a home by 92%;

–       decrease their life expectancy by 9 years;

–       increase your likelihood of incarceration by 67 times over that of a college graduate;

–       triple the chances of “sustained” unemployment;

–       make them twice as likely to live in poverty;

–       increase the chances for females of being a single mother by nine (9) times; and

–       cost society $292,000 over their lifetime in subsidies and services while a high school graduate contributes over $200,000 to society with their economic impact and taxes.

(sources:  Northeastern University, Education Week/Diplomas Count, NCES).

Dropouts are 72% more likely to be unemployed
(U.S. Department of Labor)

80% of those in prison are dropouts
(Office of Juvenile Justice)

There are over 1,000,000 dropouts in the class of 2013
(Education Weekly)

Bart Anderson
President, Atlantic Education Partners

One Comment on “On the Path Towards Building Awareness

  1. Thanks for that post. I think reminding ourselves of the gravity of our work is reinvigorating.

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