The REAL cost of dropping out

Diplomas Matter

It is hard for many who are not in the field of education—and even for those of us who are—to fully comprehend just how devastating dropping out of school is.  Dropping out is not only damaging for the individual, but also for the community, the state, the entire country.   The Seattle Times Education Lab blog states “Of 40 million Americans between 16 and 24, about 6.7 million are neither in school nor employed. About half are high school dropouts . . .”. This not only means that those who drop out are more likely to live in perpetual poverty; it also means that they will cost the taxpayers—over all of these current drop outs’ lifetimes—a total of $1.6 trillion.

 These numbers are astounding. We must find a way to solve this crisis in our country. One way is through Atlantic Education Partners’ programs. Another answer is being discussed by…

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