Appalling Comments about the “Poor”

I had saved a clip from the Wall Street Journal in December; you’ve got to take a look at.  Link below:


The Poor are Always with us, so What Must We Do?


One reader wrote, “…the poorest Americans, with government subsidies and benefits, have better lifestyles today…life generally is better…” The reader’s writing goes on.  Take a look for yourself.


What was appalling to me was the readers seemingly satisfaction with the state of America’s poor.  Until poverty is eradicated, can we stop patronizing, and rationalizing its existence.


Of course, equally bad to the type mentioned above are community level so-called “Activists” who make livings advocating for the poor and the interests of the poor.  Some are no more than poverty pimps, who have little interest in solving dire circumstances of the poor, since eliminating poverty would erode their own power base and financial interest for so called “advocacy”.  Certainly there are sincere, effective, and tireless soldiers still out there in the war on poverty, but it seems they are fewer and farther between.


For those of us in PreK-12 education, we understand our charge and our opportunity.  Ensuring a college preparatory high school diploma is the best weapon against American poverty in breaking family-based poverty cycles.  If you get a chance to read these writings in the WSJ, please do reflect on your hard and critically important work in American schools and classrooms.  Some of what is written will make you mad I’d bet.



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