Poor Kids Under Fire in NYC

Shocking coming from whom (I thought) is a person to be well-meaning, the new Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio.  There is a link to one (of many) articles posted below that describe the Mayor’s policy assault on some successful charter school campuses in NYC.  Each of these schools is filled with kids from abject poverty, each child with high potential to learn and excel, but also with inordinate personal circumstances that make success much harder than for middle class kids.  This is a liberal man, with supposed progressive ideas, appearing to disrupt the great work of these kids and their college-preparation journeys. How can this be due to anything other than raw politics?   I suspect Randi Weingarten has some sort of direct- or indirect hand in it all.  I have nothing against organized teachers, even being represented by a union of they prefer it.  I have a lot against unions, mayors, or any interest that gets in the way of what we are beginning to accomplish with our disadvantaged youth in America.  There would never have been a need for charter schools if we had been getting the job done for kids in the traditional settings.  Shameful Mayor, just shameful!


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