Teacher Pay-Needs a Fix!

Interesting article about Randi Weingarten, and others with the “same ole, same ole”.  Link is:


While graduate degrees can add great value, as can teachers’ experience in their craft.  Regardless, there is no evidence that graduate degrees and experience add value (statistically) to students’ learning and academic experiences.  Further, it pains me to employ more than 250 teachers adding immense value to their students in our Distinctive Schools, and having to pay them a good bit less than their unionized counterparts make in IL.  

Until we fix broken funding streams to free up funds for top teachers, and break our (political and policy) addiction to steps, lanes, experience-driven, and graduate-degree dependent salary schedules, we will not be able to pay the best teachers what they are REALLY worth, or even get much closer to it.

When will we EVER fix this national problem around teacher compensation?!  Union Leaders–you aren’t helping!



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