HS Drop-out Re-engagement in Bethel WA

Today we opened our first Acceleration Academy in Bethel, WA as a partnership with the progressive Bethel School District, and their superintendent Tom Seigel. By the end of this week, this Acceleration Academy will have enrolled more than 50 former drop-outs into meaningful high school diploma-seeking work. Check more of this work out at: http://www.atlanticeducation.org and find the cool pictures of the (almost fully) built-out site at Atlantic Education Partners Facebook page. Link is: https://www.facebook.com/diplomasmatter

You probably already know the degree to which the high school drop out issue is reaching epidemic proportions in our Nation. Find more about the issues, the solutions and the opportunity before us to fix this challenge at our new blog: http://www.atlanticeducation.org/diplomas-matter/

Congratulations to my Atlantic colleagues, including Dr. Jim Hager, Adrienne Leonard, Mark Graves, Lila Bradley, David Sundstrom, Ryan Graves, Mark Sundstrom, Alex Morgan, Amy Mims, and others. These colleagues are truly invested in what’s right with education, and armed with the courage to tackle the hard problems. To Tom Seigel and your progressive school board and team, thank you! We look forward to helping your district get to the top of your game in high school graduation rates and helping you achieve even more success stories with your team, students, and families.


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