Making a Difference: HS Dropout Re-engagement

I continue to be amazed by the work we’re doing in our Acceleration Academies. Recently, actor Donnell Turner visited our Bethel Acceleration Academy to share his inspirational story with our graduation candidates. His is a great example of why the work we’re doing is so critical. Click on the link below to hear Mr. Turner’s story – and to see why we do what we do!


Bethel Acceleration Academy graduation candidates – Madison Merritt, Samantha Cooper, and Mary Aguilar – with actor Donnell Turner.

One Comment on “Making a Difference: HS Dropout Re-engagement

  1. Love his quote: “Whatever your dream is, go for it … but let’s be realistic. Know your limitations. Let’s be real with ourselves and find that thing that you’re passionate about, and go full head of steam. Don’t let anybody stop you.” The realism factor for students, often missing in their lives, is paramount. So happy to see/hear him sharing such solid advice. Yay Bethel! Yay Turner! Yay kids!

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