Pearson. Are they becoming the Monsanto of Education?

In 2013 the not-for-profit Pearson Foundation quietly settled out of court with New York state after receiving fines (totaling $7.7 million ) for generating business for its for-profit enterprise Pearson Education. The FBI is reviewing the company for suspected insider dealings in the Los Angeles iPad fiasco. As the company began restructuring valued employees began loosing their jobs and are now suing the company for wrongful termination. In the wake of these findings, in what could be viewed as an admission of guilt, The Pearson foundation is closing.
After Pearson’s acquisition of the GED the passing scores have plummeted and costs have increased. And they are pushing edTPA, as an evaluation tool for student teachers to be allowed to get certification for a teaching license. Pearson even has mandatory tests personal trainers must pass for official certification. Allowing a single company to brazenly shape education policy without enforcing accountability would be a extreme detriment to the state of education. We need an eye on the polices and practices that shape the way we educate keep the focus on creating skilled thinkers.
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