Strengthening The College Pipeline

In observing the college pipeline, reportedly 35% of student in New York state are ready for college by the time they graduate high school. Yet 78% of of these students move on to higher education. It’s common for colleges impose coursework below a college level to get students ready for actual college coursework, while in college.The hefty price of tuition is a heavy burden for many families, especially if students are taking courses below a college level to prepare for college courses while paying college prices. Studies show the more of these remedial non-college courses students take the less likely it is that they will graduate.

The author of this article suggests collaboration between college educators and K-12 students could help strengthen the college pipeline by shaping coursework around college expectations. Since education is now very data driven, we can use PreK-12 longitudinal data systems to identify which areas students are struggling in to help them meet or exceed their proficiency before college. It’s troubling that students through 12th grade lead to believe they are college ready when often that is not the case once they apply, are accessed and enter college. Let’s take a look at when can be done better serve students in preparation for career and college.

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