Closing the Education Gap

There is a daunting achievement gap between the wealthiest and the poorest kids in America. Studies show what many of us have long known. Improving the educational performance for all students would not only improve the quality of life for many, but would also boost the economy by putting more educated career ready adults into the world as qualified workers in effect reducing poverty.
Far too many of the schools modeled in the 20th century have failed students and communities. By allowing more school choices parents and students can find the right fit for their needs to ensure student success in schools and beyond. The Alliance for Excellent Education notes that 67% of inmates in state prison did not complete high school. It costs $28,323 a year to house an inmate. Where as, it costs on average $12,643 a year to educate a student. Think of the paradigm shift that could happen If we dedicate ourselves to making sure every kid in every community not only has access to a quality education, but also has options to choose among schools and decide on a program best suited to the needs of an individual.

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