The Importance of Typing in Curricula

Computer based assessment tests are becoming ubiquitous in schools. With some schools lessening instruction on typing, concerns have been raised about the effect on youngsters not yet totally adept at using a keyboard. This spring many elementary and high school students will take their first Common Core-aligned tests, which use computers and require typed answers spelled properly. The most recent numbers from the education department show that schools with 75% of students eligible for free and reduced lunch have an average of 170 computers, compared to 209 computers in schools with 35% of student eligibility. The concern is that computer-based testing will drive a divide between poorer and wealthy schools. Most schools, for awhile now, have been preparing students with typing proficiency work not only to make them test with ease but to prepare them for jobs later in life where efficient typing skills can effect performance.

2 Comments on “The Importance of Typing in Curricula

  1. I am also hear from schools that they are having to give up their computer labs for testing for up to a month. Losing this much instructional time is not good.

  2. This is an important issue that needs the attention in all elementary schools so kids are adequately prepared not just for assessments but for life.

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