Performance Improvement in Schools (and Medical Care)

The team at Atlantic Research has long been in the work of performance improvement and capacity building in schools and school districts.  The work is so intense, we rarely take time to think about other sectors’ work and their versions of performance improvement.  Check out this link to an article from the managed medical sector:

Authors Natalie Erb, Joshi Maulik, and Jonathan Perlin create a great case for PLAN–Performance, Leadership, Alignment, and what’s Next in the continuous improvement work in managed medical care.  This reminds me of the work in school turn-around.  Where we are successful, we underpin the work on constructs to create meaning, fidelity, linkages, and sustainability.

This piece might be of use in your own work of continuous improvement.  After all, Juran, Deming, Crosby, and other “Quality” gurus spent their careers teaching that CQI, QA, and all other forms of performance improvement have a distinct discipline-across sectors.

Worth a read:

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