Mayoral Election in Chicago-Chuy is pandering Randi, not partnering

The mayoral runoff campaigns between incumbent Rahm Emanuel and challenger Chuy Garcia have been telling.  While Rahm leads mightily in the polls, it remains appalling that certain indictments about his term of work remain unchallenged.  This latest about Rahm’s failure to “partner” with unions is a falsehood that should not go unchecked. Check out this article:

In the article,  you will note AFT (national teacher union) Randi Weingarten’s quote about Chuy being more fit to partner with unions and communities than Rahm.  For those of us who work closely with most all facets of education in Chicago–we know the real drill. Rahm (albeit feisty and very laser-focused on his various agendas) originally encouraged the Chicago Teacher union leader Karen Lewis to participate at the table on all the tough matters.  Her power-wielding methods and historically domineering ways have done little for her members and certainly nothing of-late for their profession or students, and she departed from the “table” to which she was previously invited.  Even after her pulling off a brilliant (and also pathetic) teacher strike, members of our charter schools would ask their friends (CTU members) why they were on strike during the time.  Responses ranged from “I don’t know” to different answers from different members.  Lewis was confusing at-best, and devious at-worst.  Godspeed to Karen on her health challenges, but seriously, are we really going to continue to allow her leadership to continue to hurt kids and teachers?  And, the more under-served or disadvantaged the child, the more they hurt under these union tactics. Only elections solve these kinds of inequities.

While we are hopeful for a re-election of Rahm–let’s also not allow falsehoods to be perpetuated about his abilities and willingness to partner–with unions and communities.  What Chuy is doing is pandering–not partnering.

Again, link is:

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