Hillary Clinton on K-12?

Now that it is official that Hillary Rodham Clinton is running for president, what are her view on education? Her past endeavors hold some clues. Reportedly, during Bush’s 1989 summit on education she was seated next to him and urged the need for early-childhood education. She researched educational opportunities for migrant children in her 20’s and worked with an organization that would later become the Children’s Defense Fund. She has been a fan of after school programs such as the 21st Century Community Learning Center program. She is in favor of charter schools and was against merit pay for teachers based on test scores.

2 Comments on “Hillary Clinton on K-12?

  1. In an effort to be fair and balanced, can you comment on the top leading republicans stand on K-12 education? This should not be a one-sided post.

    • Well certainly. Of the GOP’ers I’ve been following none seems to have a compelling education platform but for Jeb. I worked under Jeb as a school superintendent in FL when he served as governor. His record and his views on education are certainly not popular but have done more for kids and especially under-served and poor kids than anyone (including HRC) who appears to be vying for POTUS. I do hope this race ends up being HRC vs. Jeb. It will make for impt. national dialogue and provide two compelling candidates. Anyone else who might be in the primary races would pale in comparison to these two. JW

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