Why we need the Common Core

Common Core receives many criticisms anywhere from over testing to cursive writing being removed curriculum. What Common Core is in the simplest terms are national guidelines for what students should know at certain grade levels and by the time they graduate from high school. Focusing on effective teaching practices and accountability measures strengthens school programs. Testing is used as a measure if any practices need to be reevaluated. Two national organizations of state governors and education commissioners using input from teachers, parents, school administrators and experts from around the country to develop the standards. Common core does not prescribe curriculum or how to implement it. The standards do not prohibit teaching cursive of using flash cards. It might take time to adjust to harder tests, but a higher standard is better in the long run. Today students need more skills and knowledge more than ever to succeed in college and the workforce. A example of the need for higher standards can be found in Washington state among many others. 58% of high school graduates there needed remedial courses upon enrolling in community and technical colleges this past year.

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