Education Data Shaping School Operations

Some schools are really embracing data and analyzing available information on school operations. A School near Dallas suspended instrument rentals fees after noticing a drop in marching and concert bands, which caused band participation to jump. Collecting data in the classroom can give concrete evidence of which instructional strategies work. As a super independent, Patricia Greco introduced a data driven approach to schools in her district. She encouraged teachers to not just look at numbers and scores, but also ask students for input on what kind of instruction works best for them.

One Comment on “Education Data Shaping School Operations

  1. Bravo to Dr. Greco for championing the infusion of Deming’s quality improvement language and culture into school data management. It is astounding how long these ideas have been around in business and yet are seen as cutting edge today in education. The concerns of some that it can be taken to the extreme and create a sterile learning environment overly concerned with counting widgets is warranted – but the advantages far outweigh the dangers at every level of schools management (classroom, school, and organization).

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