Standardizing AP Credit

A proposed change to Illinois state law would make more college credit options available to high school students through AP testing. The parameters for granting AP credit are inconsistent and often vary by subject from campus to campus. There is no standard. The state wants to make mandatory that universities and colleges give credit for AP scores of 3 or better (on a 5 point scale). The law would allow students to place out of college courses that teach the equivalent knowledge they’re tested on before entering higher education programs. At an average of $426 per credit hour the 116,00 AP tests that were awarded  scores of 3 or better last year would have saved test takers $148 million in college course fees. Student rigor is increased by offering college level experience before college with AP courses made available for all students interested in continuing their education. Ideally students would spend less and be better prepared for college. There is some backlash from higher education because there could be financial impact on state colleges and universities which would loose tuition revenue if the law were to be set in motion. Good public policy should outweigh academic arrogance on this matter.

2 Comments on “Standardizing AP Credit

  1. Dr. Wise, I have shared your thoughts on my Facebook & Twitter…this is so true! I was able to go into my undergraduate program with sophomore standing due to my AP Coursework and finish college early. Thank you for this.

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