McKinney, Texas and Socioeconomic Segregation

Racial and socioeconomic segregation at the civic level holds disadvantaged communities back. Unsurprisingly, in towns like McKinney, Texas where recently a viral video captured a racially motivated attack on a black teenager during a pool party by a police office who felt threatened because he perceived the group of kids, having supervised fun within the law, as threats. Unsurprisingly, there is a history of tense racially motivated political moves in McKinney that attempt to better serve white students above all others. In 2008, officials in McKinney tried to block the building of public housing on the wealthier predominantly white west side of town, to keep poorer minority students out of schools that were 9/10 white with the most funding. This kind of segregation, if allowed by local governments, ultimately hurts not only social structure, but the economy as well. By only allowing opportunities for the most privileged, rather than proportionately spreading resources among all schools in a district students are faced with difficult odds as early as preschool.

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