Zack Kopplin and Creationism in Public Schools

Zack Kopplin is a judicious young man who began speaking out against The Louisiana Science Education Act, a law that allows the teaching of Creationism in Louisiana public schools, like his, as part of his senior project. He is now a history major at Rice University and the biggest troll of his father’s friend and current Governor Bobby Jindal. Jindal, a Brown Biology major, passed rather than vetoing a popular Louisiana law to teach Creationism in public schools. The law allows biology classrooms to teach a critique of evolution with creationism and intelligent design as an alternative to science. As a family friend Zack is suspicious because Jindal’s own children are learning evolution in school. If Jindal truly opposed evolution he wouldn’t allow them to learn about it in place of Creationism.
Zack sites The Discovery Institute, a creationist think tank, as being a major force in attempts to implement Creationist laws. They started by trying to get creationism written into No Child Left Behind Act. Now with the advocacy of 78 Nobel Laureates, Zack plans to repeal this law that undermines science and instead teaches religious doctrine in public schools within a fundamentally secular country catering to the education needs of students with various belief systems, the diversity of which should be celebrated and respected
Watch an interview with Zack Kopplin here. He has appeared on Hardball, NPR, and Real Time With Bill Maher (alongside Bernie Sanders). Calling out Jindal as a anti-science hypocrite because he passed legislature that is a “back-door invitation to teach creationism.”

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