Opt Out Movement

The Opt-out movement continues to stir civil rights groups who know opting out skews test score data. It’s impossible to fix what cannot be measured. Those who opt out are a small but growing percentage of students. Those hurt most by opting out are the poor and minority students. Achievement data is aimed to advocate for the schools and communities most in need.

One Comment on “Opt Out Movement

  1. As an educator and advocate for the appropriate uses of data, I’m very concerned about this trend. However, as in many cases – there are multiple causes for what we’re seeing. I’m not always a fan of social media, but a CNN report on this issue in April 2015 sited results from a FB poll about why parents were opting out, and three distinct areas of concern were named: “the tests are developmentally inappropriate, too long and difficult, and shouldn’t be used to evaluate teachers”. That pretty much sums up concerns from both educators and parents.

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