Race and the Role of Schools in Shaping Community

The conversations around race can be tense and difficult, but they must be addressed to improve schools, equality and society on a larger scale. A student named Ahmed Mohammed is an example of how preconceived notions of a person’s intentions based on their race can result in unnecessarily extreme and traumatic measures. After making a homemade digital clock for science class Ahmed was arrested on the spot because it was assumed he assembled a bomb. After being interrogated as a terrorist, as he explained, Ahmed and his family decided to withdraw from the school.
Santa Fe Public Schools has created a unique program, a districtwide Equity and Access Task Force, which is made up of members of various sectors of the community. The group’s focus is to SFPS eliminates racial and ethnic achievement and opportunity gaps by engaging families with courtesy, respect and cultural understanding.
Pictured above: Joel Boyd, Santa Fe Public Schools Superintendent.

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