Furthering Public Education

The United States, at one point, led the world in the number of college degree-holding adults; today, that number sits at 12. Eleven other countries have surpassed us in degree attainment. That holds potential economic ramifications as more manufacturing jobs continue to leave this country, and the demand for degreed-individuals increases in the market.

News out of the Obama Administration states that President Obama is formulating a plan angled at closing this gap, and hopes to return the United States to number 1 on that list. Two years of tuition-free community college (dependent upon GPA and a few other factors), universally-available to all citizens is the goal. Cost as being preventative, is one of the largest commonalities in those who fail to go on to post-secondary education and successfully graduate. If formally organized into an Act or Measure, this initiative would hopefully provide the resources needed to better equip our society in the evolving work market.

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