Utilizing Peer Networks for Student Retention

Educators are recognizing the values of peer pressure, when manipulated to keep kids in school. One of the most effective retention measures for at-risk students, is the power of fellow classmates encouraging them to continue along in education.

Some teachers have taken to using a “pull-up” system, in which students anonymously submit praise and recognition of academic achievement of their peers. The “pull-ups” are then read aloud by the teacher at the end of the week.

Other efforts involve a morning moment of reflection or contemplation, in the attempts to provoke students to talk openly about their dreams or aspirations. It can also be used to open up about issues they may be facing. By utilizing the existing peer networks, educators and administrative staff have found ways to overcome barriers in reaching troubled students. If you’ve had any experience with these approaches or have tried different peer-related ones than the above mentioned, please comment and share them with us!

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